Which of the following is true about Energy Drinks and Mixers?

A: Alcohol absorption gets slowed by Carbonation.


B: Alcohol’s taste can be masked by adding a Sweet Taste.


C: Caffeine helps to keep you aware of your insobriety.


D: All of these.



The right option is:


B: Alcohol’s taste can be masked by adding a Sweet taste.


Yes, you read that right. Let’s find it out how!

Many of us want to get drunk and experience this adventure, but the awful taste of alcohol gets in the midway. Many of the cocktails are made of pure alcohol whose taste cannot be masked easily. You may have tried making a good chaser just to find out that it doesn’t mask the gritty taste. Well, we can feel you!

But not to worry, because there are some amazing drinks for your chaser and you might not be aware of some, but they will do the wonders for your drink and make your day.

following is true about energy drinks and mixers

Amazing mixers for your drink!

Here are some amazing mixers for alcohol. Find out which one comforts you the most. But you must try them all. You never know which one does the trick for you!


  1. Cranberry Juice:

Need a fruity yet effective drink to refresh your day? Well, Cranberry juice will do it for you. It’s tart and distinct flavor work wonders for your Vodka drink. We are sure you would love to try this top Vodka mixer!


  1. Soda Water:

This mixer is for the fitness freaks. The zero-calorie Soda Water will dial down your Vodka drink’s strength without adding much flavor. It means no harm to your favorite Vodka’s taste and your calories. Thumbs up!


  1. Lemonade:

The first mixer that comes up in your mind thinking of mixers is Lemonade. The sweet and sour mixer adds a good flavor to your Vodka. You can try sugar-free lemonades too, that work well as Vodka Mixer.


  1. Fruit Juice:

Your favorite Fruit Juice and Vodka together, who wouldn’t love that? Just grab a bottle and enjoy your favorite Mixer!


  1. Iced Tea:

Need to spice up your drink? Just grab a flavored Iced Tea and enjoy an adventurous ride of a perfect Vodka Mixer drink. You can easily count on this one.


  1. 7 Up:

It won’t be fair if talking about Vodka Mixers and not including this one. 7 Up works as a perfect soda mixer that delivers the delicious fizzy taste. You should not miss trying this one.


  1. Red Bull:

Even though it is a bit risky to mix Red Bull with Vodka as the energy drink masks the intoxication feeling of a drinker which can be dangerous. But still, it is a hell of fun. The caffeine boosts you up, and let you show your moves. It will be a perfect mixer for your party occasion.




Kick up your cocktail game by trying these amazing mixers. Either organizing a party or chilling at the club, these mixers can be a great partner. So which one are you trying first?

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